Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Arabian Kitchen, Seks. 20, Shah Alam...

Hah, I bumped into Arabian Kitchen last week for dinner. It is known for its Arabian dish. The decoration is, I could say, just moderate. I asked one of the waiters and yes, the restaurant was opened a month ago. New. Give them some time (and lots of patron), they surely will put more beuty to the current decor.

Since I did not know what to order for my dinner, I asked for help. The waiter said that the 'lauk' are all cooked the same way (except for chicken - roasted). It is the rice that makes the different. They have beriyani, bokhari, majboos... mendhe(?).

I opted for majboos-lamb and yes..... the rice was superb. I can eat the rice on its own!

I like the soup. I think the soup base was from tomato puree although the look was like curry but the taste is more like tomato soup. Very nice. Try it.



hairul392 said...

jom pekena nasi arab restoran saba kat cyberjaya

Aku said...


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