Tuesday, April 26, 2011

D'Arab at Section 7, Shah Alam

If you wish to have a nice Nasi Arab at a good price, I think you should try D'Arab at Seksyen 7, Shah Alam. I like its Lamb Khabshah (is the spelling/ pronounce ok?). Someone told me that there is a new Arab restaurant at Section 20, Shah Alam. he said I should try it too. Ok, another time. But this one is from D'Arab.

And Teh O Arab (mixed with herbs and mints) is hot but.. 'cool'. I remember there is another drink called Teh Masalla which has almost similar aroma and taste / after-taste but without mints... they believe it would help your body to cleanse out 'bad' things. I wonder if 'fat' is also in that list. I have Bunga Lawang,Kayu Manis, Cengkih, Buah Pelaga... hey, I can have the drink at home too.



seminggu sekali said...

terima kasih atas cadangan.

setakat ni saya hanya mencuba makan makanan arab di ar-rawsha :)

laziz jiddan!

Aku said...

Seminggu Sekali,
Terima kasih singgah...

Ada lagi tempat baru... nanti-nantila..

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