Sunday, January 16, 2011

Running away from the housing bubble...

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It's very difficult for us to 'foresee' the future in now rapidly changing world and economy. And therefore, it's very difficult for us to decide where should we spend our retirement lives. But we have decided years ago that we should have thought about the above before we got 40's.

Although it is still early for us but due to the recent economic situation where inflation rises and some subsidized construction materials and cement were cut/reduced from the budget, we must get moving along it. We must move faster before everything is skyrocketting or we are trapped in housing 'bubble'.

At first, Melaka was our choice because we like the way it is managed by the state Government. Also because historical scenic and fast-development value they put into it. However, we changed our mind just a few months ago. We thought we should stay in Shah Alam for a while and if we would like to move later on, we can just sell the house and buy an orchard house in somewhere we like.

We bought a house at Shah Alam outskirt. We will have natural lakes and reserved forest on one side; and city on the other. We thought the location is great and the price is reasonable. Yeah, I said that. We got that opportunity when the original owner's loan application was rejected by the end-financier. Thus, when we took over the house, the selling price remained the same as launched 10 months before. Yes, the price is as before the rulling Government had announced the budget and subsidy cut. Before assumptions on housing industry were made by speculators.

We may not find a house around the selling price we got with the location and space as it is.


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