Friday, January 14, 2011

Cyberjaya... tranquility in cyberspace


I thought it's a place for nerd scientists, businessmen... And surely, I can find some futuristic architecture. Nargh..!

Tranquility. Blended with soulful activity. I found that in Cyberjaya. But, I should make a disclaimer here: I don't think that tranquility will last more than 10 years.

My brother in law told me that I can try fishing in Cyberjaya. " What??!!!, in Cyberjaya?"
Yes that was exactly my reaction. Then we went to a recreational center where I found 2 big lakes... or abandoned tin mines to be exact. One I cannot fish and the other I don;t  think I want to fish in there for some reasons...

Then, I saw some men carrying a couple of fish nets. I wondered where would they go. I trailed them into a bushy swamp just at the corner of the first lake.

I followed them into the bush and there were ponds connected to each other. 2 of them got into the ponds and stretched the fish net. 10 minutes later, fish like Tilapia, Gourami (Sepat), Lampam and Puyu were caught in the net.


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