Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jalan-jalan cari pandangan, somebody said to me...

It's Sunday afternoon!

Wah! Tomorrow will be busy as usual. But that is tomorrow, tomorrow can wait. There is still plenty of time for me and my family for 'jalan-jalan cari pandangan' as someone said to me long ago which I can't remember where and when. And this time, we bumped into a nursery along Jalan Sg. Buloh, near to Subang Airport.

We found orchids, and we bought 3 'breast-feeding-infants' for RM10 only. They are hybrids, said the young Towkey. Even though the codes written on the plastic containers say they are probably purple, yellow and 'splash' purple (don't asked me what is splash purple!), they might be mixed-up.

'haiya..! no guarantee on color' said the young Towkey.

But I managed to get some pictures of the hybrids, just in case if my mother asked me the color of the orchids. They are 'butterfly' orchids.


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