Monday, December 20, 2010

Cameron Highland - a place that was once nice...

We had several vacation attempts on the hills but failed mostly because of raining. Tropical downpours and shear winds are not safe for driving. Yesterday, there was an accident killing 19 tourists when their bus plunged on the way up to Cameron Highland, near Simpang Pulai. It was on today's news!

We decided to have our vacation in the middle of the year (raining season stretches from Nov to Feb). Finally, we successfully had our vacation at Cameron Highland in June 2010. We spend 3 days there.

On the way to the hills..

There are 3 ways to get there by car: from Tapah (South), Simpang Pulai (West) or Gua Musang (East). After we were advised by some friends, we took Simpang Pulai (new road actually) to get there as the road is less steep and corners compared to Tapah which requires skillful driver with thick guts. Everything was find and we checked in at a nice hotel at Tanah Rata.

The last time I went there when I was 12 years old, in my sixth grade. I could still remember wearing my red sweater, the fog, vapours came out of my mouth as I speak even though it was in the middle of the day, everything was cold then... yes, then. Today, I need to switch on my car air-cond or otherwise, I will be sweating like hell.

Tea plantation


Another close-up... tea leaves

What I like most in Cameron Highland?
- pearl corn BBQ (Jagung Mutiara bakar)
- having a cup of tea at the tea garden
- wild honey



ata said...

wow , i like the tea and rose and it's surrounding too . Maybe you should try too at Cameron Highland .

Aku said...

ofcourse...let's do it again

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