Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Langkawi Island 2011


I chose to go for a holiday just before school break, to avoid any surcharges in cost and to avoid congestion. Last year, I went to Cameron Highland and Taiping and this year is Langkawi.

I stayed 4 days at Meritius Pelangi Beach Resort, Pantai Cenang

 This is a 25-acre beach resort that has what it takes for 5-star resort hotel.

A dawn at Cenang beach

 Beautiful beach with white-grey sands.

Letters on the sand...

I spent  4 days in Langkawi and you bet that most of the time we went for shopping for the famous kitchen /  dining glass-ware at Hj Ismail stores. I don't know why friends always talking about these stores.



sudipVSsenduk said...

i pergi sana masa LIMA hari tu..BEST!

Melati Putih said...

Ooo,, ye ke? Bukan ke ramai orang?
Kita orang legi sana seminggu sebelum cuti sekolah sebab tak nak kena 'surcharge' hotel dan semuanya...

Anonymous said...

saya pun suka bercuti di langkawi yang merehatkan minda dan badan

Melati Putih said...

cuti-cuti malaysia dah habis...

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