Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wedding, wedding and wedding....... there goes the school holiday


I have to admit now that school holiday is not for vacation @ holiday trip to somewhere I could relax my mind and muscle. School holiday is a time for wedding ceremony. Now, I must not plan my holiday during school holiday or I would end up with making lots of excuses and reasons for not attending the invitations.

Every end of the week for this school holiday, I would have to put on my 'baju kurung'. This is my son, the hot sunny weather had turned him into 'penjual sate' with that 'good morning' towel around his neck, today.



hani@debumelukut said...

holiday is holiday...hv to get away from this hectic life. Weddings come n some lose some.

Melati Putih said...


Kalo sedara mara yg buat kenduri kawen, mana boleh nak lari....

Anonymous said...

1st, TQ 4 following Kak G & s a moral support, I am following U2.
Apparently, wedding tradition has evolved - weddings have become d all-year-round events now.
Dats life.
So, obviously sometimes we have to make some tough choices.

Melati Putih said...


Thank you for coming here.

Penduduk M'sia dah ramai. Tiap2 mggu ade kenduri kawen.

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