Thursday, March 31, 2011

Taman Warisan, Putrajaya...

It says " Taman Warisan" but you would not know why until you get up there. Don't ask me, I never get up there.

I've been at Taman Warisan a few time, either relaxing or having lunch. I like Sup Utara and Nasi Ayam at one of the stalls, its so 'kicking'... especially when you have it with Sambal Kicap ...hehehe. But, it's okey, you can have Kelapa Pandan with ice at another stall... it should cool you down

Or, I just have my time there...

For your info...



Ati Masrif said...

salam perkenalan

macam mana boleh tak sampai
lagi di sini yek

kak ati sini


Aku said...

Kak Ati,

Salam perkenalan.
Biasa memang macam tu. Kalau rumah di tepi laut pun belum tentu hari hari pergi mandi laut...


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