Saturday, March 12, 2011

Earthquake: Tsunami in Japan : 2012... is it true?

In these few days, earthquake struck the east.

First, China then the next day was Japan, and in the same day, was Hawaii. The ripples of after-quake are still there with smaller scales. Tsunami hit Japan yesterday as by-product of the earthquake with magnitude 8.8 or 8.9 Richter scale.

Just 6 years ago an earthquake and tsunami hit Indonesia up to India and Hawaii. Acheh became a pheonix that rises from nothing. More than 150,000 lives were lost.

I wonder, is the 2012 prediction scientific enough for us, at least, to prepare something? Or to do something... to be ready?

Things to consider:

Should I be ready for 2012 with: tuna in can (12 boxes), bake beans in can (12 boxes), antibiotics... etc?

Should I cash out my savings and buy gold, then keep them under my pillow?

Should I move to higher ground, buy a house that can afloat?

... and my list continues....



jenanese said...

you should.....

shouldd continue your list.

Aku said...

what if 2012 is NOT..?

cikceriacorner said...

salam ziarah..

salam kenal..

hanya ramalan...hopefully x berlaku la..ehheh

Aku said...

salam kenal. terima kasih singgah.

sama la kite, tapi macamnak tengok gak kalau ianya berlaku.. mesti mcam dalam muvi, kan?

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