Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New spot for weekend fishing... Kg. Kelubi, Jasin

My father was born there 60 years ago but I don't really care about the river since we moved to new home some 20 years ago. But, when my hubby heard about the river last week, he got excited so much that he asked my brother to take him to the river. He wondered the kind of fish in the river.

So, we went there last Saturday. We met some villagers and they told us Baung (a type of catfish), Ikan Putih, Keli (another type of catfish) and Lampam are abundant. However, they suggested to use nylon net instead of rods. We don't have any net so we just went on fishing.

Just a quick try, said my hubby, to see what kind of fish and what kind of bait they like most. We searched for what we believe 'lubuk' or fish pool. It was 11am and it was hot that day. But nevermind, it was a trial... yeah, right!

After two hours under hot sunny day, we finally catched a river catfish. Not a river monster but at least we have something to bring home.

Next time we will be more prepared.



gadisBunga said...

spontaneous fishing act is always fun!

i did once. :)

Aku said...

yes but we cannot expect much ...;)

hairul392 said...

You have to take pictures of fish?

Aku said...

lupa ... dah siap siang...

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