Thursday, January 27, 2011

Footprint on Pantai Puteri, Melaka

Pantai Puteri (Melaka) is just a few kilometers to the North of Pantai Klebang. They're few hotels available and we stayed in one of the hotels which was famous with " Tower 13" horror drama. The set was there. Indeed, the surroundings were as scary as in the drama.

The beach and the hotel is separated by a narrow Pantai Puteri road. The 3 S's i.e. sun, sand and sea were great. It was just that we saw the beach was having a bad erossion. Two rows of pine trees were in the sea. However, recently the authority has made a move to repair the damage by pouring the beach with seabed sand.

(click to enlarge)

Look at the fine white sand...

Quite a rough sea... high tide

My foot print...a few seconds before the waves.. then it's gone


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