Monday, January 3, 2011

Pulau Besar - history of Melaka started here

We went for a good dinner at Pernu-Umbai in Melaka on last Friday, famous for its grills epsecially 'Ikan Bakar' and the thick soy souce. Just a few kilometers south of Pernu-Umbai, there is another hotspot for 'ikan bakar' called Anjung Batu. We've been in Anjung Batu before and this time we would to try 'ikan bakar' at Pernu-Umbai or known as 'Umbai' by locals.

Umbai is not just a place for 'ikan bakar' but also provide boats for those who would like to go to Pulau Besar. And while waiting for the fishes to be grilled, we walked along the jetty to Pulau Besar. And the next morning, we were in a boat for Pulau Besar....! No reservation...

It cost us RM100 per boat (8 persons max) to/from Pulau Besar and Umbai. There is also a ferry service from Anjung Batu to Pulau Besar with cheaper fare per person. However, Umbai' boat service can take you to any beaches you like and drop/pick you there. Just call the boat operator and he will pick you up at any point around the island within 30 minutes. That's great!

Pulau Besar is well known for its historical and spiritual sites. It has a newly openned Muzium Pulau Besar located not far away from the jetty where we can find the island's historical info there.

We paid our visit to Tomb of Sultan Al-Ariffin and his friends. And we spent some time praying in a 'Surau' within the tomb's complex. Then, we were greeted by Indian visitors offering their 'ladhu' and bananas. Sweet. One has buttery taste and the other must be mixed with ginger. Delicious... and I asked for more... hahaha.

There are so many 'keramat' sites around the island, which includes some mystical sites like 'Batu Belah' (Splitting Stone), 'Tasik Bunian', 'Tempayan Pecah' and many others. Unfortunately, we didn't have time and energy to walk around the island. Maybe in the next visit. Actually, there is a 'round the island' van service for RM100 or more but we feel that was too expensive for an island this big. The F&Bs are also expensive. Almost twice the price of mainland! Canned drinks are priced at RM3 each where you can have them for just RM1.50 in mainland. So, if you can, bring your own food or bottled water.

We like its white sand and clear blue water. It's quite shallow, we don't have to worry about children. Amazingly, there are lots of man-made fresh water wells and the wells are just few steps from the sea.

Aha! Fishing is allowed too... next trip, I'll bring my fishing gear....

We left the island at 6pm.



Melati Putih said...

Great holiday at Pulau Besar.

Aku said...

Spttnya awak yang tulis ni... hahaha

en_me said...

balik dari ziarah masjid selat melaka.. ihiks

Aku said...

Hmm.. aku belum sampai ke situ lagi...

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