Monday, December 27, 2010

One night in Kuala Kangsar

Kuala Kangsar is just 15 minutes drive North of Ipoh via PLUS highway. And some 15 minutes more from the Kuala Kangsar exit, you'll arrive at the heart of the Royal town of Perak. The infamous landmark of Kuala Kangsar is Masjid Ubuddiah, a beutifull mosque painted in royal yellow, black and pearl-white.

In November 2010, we went for a holiday in Kuala Kangsar and we spent our night at Kuala Kangsar Rest House, located on a hill not far away from Sungai Perak. In fact, we could see people fishing on its sandy river bank from the balcony.

A view from Kuala Kangsar Rest House balcony, 4pm

Catching river monsters...

The next day, we went to pottery village known as Sayong. We bought two huge clay vases. Just before that, the owner explained to us the process of making the vase. Hmm... interesting.

Labu Sayong

The oldest known rubber tree in Malaysia can be found not far away from Malay College Kuala Kangsar. Its age? More than 100 years.

Malaysia's oldest rubber tree


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